Activity-Based Tracking  

If you're interested in tracking or billing effort by activity (type of work), you'll appreciate the flexibility afforded with TimeScope, as there are two different ways to configure the timesheet for activity-based tracking:

Embedded Activities

Conveniently track activity utilization by embedding activities as sublevels within your projects. Timekeepers simply expand the projects to expose and enter time by activity.

Activity Column
Configure the timesheet to contain an activity choice column. Timekeepers click the dropdown button to choose from the list of activities for the selected project node. The choice list can be filtered by project node and employee, thus making only relevant activities available to the timekeeper.
  Labor Costing and Billing  
  TimeScope provides for flexible derivation and reporting of labor costs, billing, overhead, fixed project costs, and expenses. Labor or billing rates can be defined by employee, project, activity, client, organization, cost center, or job title. Intersectional rates accommodate billing by combinations of entities, such as client and employee. Departmental burden rates can be defined for labor cost tracking without specifying individual employee rates. Rates have effective dates, thus facilitating unlimited date-sensitive rate fluctuations. Labor costs are appropriately calculated for both salaried and hourly employees. Compensated and uncompensated overtime is supported. In addition to labor-based billing, fixed fees can be defined by project or subproject milestone. Non-labor project costs can be imported or entered directly via the configurable expense sheet. Because TimeScope provides separate books for labor costing and billing, profitability analysis is available by project, employee, client, or any other entity.  
  Timesheet With Embedded Activities  
  Timesheet With Activity Column  
Notice that multiple time entry lines corresponding to different activities occur for each of the projects below.

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