About Our Clients
Since 1996, TimeScope products have been used worldwide on a daily basis by architectural firms, auditing groups, biotech firms, consultancies, engineering firms, information technology departments, software companies, research and development groups, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and others. TimeScope is exceptionally stable and reliable, operating day after day, year after year, without issue. Our typical customer contacts us with questions just once or twice a year. Here is a small sampling of our customer base organized by industry sector. 


 Biotech  Consulting
  • Kodet
  • Parchoma & Jones
  • Eli Lilly Company
  • Ockham Development Grp
  • Ventria BioScience
  • Adamas Consulting
  • IBM Global Systems
  • Ivy Planning Group



 Information Technology

  • Alcatel
  • Long Engineering
  • RGF Engineering

  • Healthfirst

  • OHSU

  • Aviva Life Insurance

  • Potash Corporation

  • State of Virginia


 Software Development


  • American Cancer Soc.

  • Community Foundation

  • United Way


  • BEA Systems

  • CNC Software

  • Hartford Insurance


  • Citicorp

  • Parsons

  • People's Energy


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