Project Management  
  TimeScope provides much of the functionality of today's project management systems. TimeScope lets you track unlimited numbers of projects, each containing unlimited numbers of nested sub-items. Easily create multilevel projects, or import files containing complex project outlines. Cut, copy, and paste project components and reusable templates. Assign employees to entire projects or specific tasks within projects. Establish budgets and estimates at any project depth level. Collect completion percentages and task estimates from timekeepers. Define custom data fields to track and report on anything not already treated within TimeScope. Automatically sequence or manually enter project identification codes. Print indented project outline reports that rollup and summarize time (and cost) data at every project depth level.   
  Assigning Employees  

Employees must be assigned to projects for time reporting purposes, and you can assign individual employees, or entire departments with a single mouse click. Assign employees to entire projects or just certain tasks within projects. You can alternatively assign via the Employee view which works the opposite way; by letting you select employees and then assign projects to them.

  Budgets and Estimates  

Optionally set time, cost, billing, or finish date objectives for any project, task, subtask, or employee assignment. TimeScope automatically rolls-up subprojects and monitors budget-to-actual. The Overrun Actions button provides email alerts at any percentage of actual to budget, and can also disable further time entry on budget overruns. The Rollup button gives you a total estimate for the project item by summing all sub-items. Variance reports provide convenient budget-to-actual perspectives.



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