Predefined and Customizable Reporting  
  Print any TimeScope data any way you want, without ever leaving TimeScope, and without having to learn complex report writing tools. TimeScope includes dozens of predefined reports, plus a custom report wizard that let you select, sort, format, print, and export literally any data in the TimeScope database. Sort and cross-total by any combination of employee, project, task, activity, organization, client, cost center, job title, or custom data fields. Extract data for any specified date range, and report time in any units: seconds, hours, days, weeks, or percentage of employee availability. Save any reports directly to your hard drive as HTML, Excel, or CSV files, perhaps for importing into other applications.  
  Multiple Report Styles  

  Project Reports  

Print project reports in outline format, indented to any project depth level, as shown below. Include employee subtotals by task if desired. Print labor cost, expenses, billing, profitability, or budget variances.


  Billing Reports  

All billing reports can be customized to contain the specific detail you need, sorted and subtotaled as required.


  Enterprise Summaries  

Drawing on TimeScope's organizational hierarchy, executives can print enterprise-wide summaries of time, cost, and billing, subtotaled and indented by department.



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