Faster, Smoother, and Easier!
  Whether you're tracking time for project management, client billing, or for payroll purposes, you'll notice that time entry is much faster and smoother with TimeScope. That's because we've eliminated the waiting, scrolling, and flashing associated with other browser-based systems.  In fact, we're the only vendor offering a true Windows interface over the internet! And we're the only vendor giving you a smart client (self-installs in 3 seconds) that lets you capture time without having to setup a website. The net result is that your company saves money because your timekeepers aren't wasting time entering time.  
  The Project-Smart Timesheet

Most timesheet solutions are terribly cumbersome at handling projects containing subprojects, but TimeScope is superbly designed for this, as is evident in the familiar plus and minus buttons used for multilevel project navigation. TimeScope collapses and expands your time entry totals as you expand and collapse project nodes. The project-smart timesheet, by default, ensures that time is entered only at the lowest levels of the project hierarchy. Employees can be assigned to entire projects or only specific subprojects. When project components are completed, time entry can be hierarchically prohibited from the completed node downward.

  Other Timesheet Features
  TimeScope tracks non-project time, such as vacation, illness, and personal leave. Configurable entitlement rules can be activated for managed allocation of these entitlements. Email alerts, selectively routed to both approvers and timekeepers, can be automatically generated for missing, incomplete, submitted, approved, or rejected timesheets. Overtime for both salaried and hourly employees is appropriately treated. Notes can be entered into the timesheet, shared by project team members, and printed on reports.
  Timesheet access is regulated via user login and password, as well as extensive server-based authentication and encryption options. User Roles (e.g. administrator, manager, timekeeper) define the set of TimeScope menu options available to each user category. User roles are completely customizable, and can also control database field access, for example, to prevent access to labor rates. For further enhanced security, reports are organized into folders, and folder access permissions are controllable via User Roles.  

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