TimeScope helps your project-driven organization get a handle on employee time, labor costs, billing, and budgets -- quickly, easily, and affordably!  
  TimeScope is a project-oriented timesheet solution with fully integrated project tracking and costing functionality. TimeScope simplifies and speeds employee time entry, while providing executives with comprehensive resource utilization, project management, and financial reporting. TimeScope includes project-smart timesheets, hierarchical project tracking, timesheet and project approval, predefined and custom reporting, data exchange, and granular role-based security. TimeScope also provides comprehensive labor cost tracking, billing, profitability analysis, and actual-to-budget monitoring with automated email alerts.   
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 Highly Adaptable Timesheet

  The timesheet tracks both project and non-project effort, and can easily be configured to track activities, pay codes, work orders, or custom data items. The timesheet can host daily, weekly, or monthly time entry columns. Time can be entered in units ranging from seconds to days, or by percentage of employee work shift. Overtime can be automatically categorized or manually entered. Configurable entitlement rules facilitate allocation of vacation, illness, and personal leave. Email alerts, selectively routed to both approvers and timekeepers, can be automatically generated for missing, incomplete, submitted, approved, or rejected timesheets.  

 Comprehensive Costing and Billing

  Favored by CFOs, TimeScope provides for flexible derivation and reporting of labor costs, overhead, client billing, and project expenses. Labor rates can be defined by employee, project, activity, client, organization, cost center, or job title. Intersectional rates accommodate billing by combinations of entities, such as client and employee. Departmental burden rates can be defined for labor cost tracking without specifying individual employee rates. Both hourly and salaried employee cost calculation methods are supported. Compensated and uncompensated overtime costing is supported. Fixed fees can be defined by project or subproject milestone.  

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  TimeScope installs quickly and easily on any Windows, Linux, or UNIX server. TimeScope operates over the internet or your company network. You don't have to setup a website in order to use it. TimeScope requires no ongoing maintenance and is exceptionally stable and reliable.